Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Ray Dalio - Always worth listening to.

I don't often do economics on this blog, there are plenty of other people covering the 'dismal science'. However just occasionally I veer slightly over to the dark-side. Inparticular,there are certain people, who to me have a great grip on the subject, and understand it deep enough for their comments to be relevant. One of those people is Ray Dalio. - Dalio is the founder of Bridgewater Associates, the worlds largest Hedge Fund, and according to the FT earlier this year, he had overtaken George Soros as the world’s most successful hedge fund manager. 

I will actually defer at this stage to another blog, the excellent 'Daniel's Trading who has covered a discussion involving Dalio at 'The Council on Foreign Relations sponsored'. The hour long discussion, “A Conversation with Ray Dalio”, is a great explanation of what is going on in the global economy today. The blog provides a succinct summation of Dalio's perspective of the global economy right now, along with his insights into investing.The full discussion can be seen below.

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