Monday, 31 March 2014

Book List - Behavioural Finance and Related Topics.

Thank you to Richard Lehman of UC Berkeley who has provided me with the following link which takes you to a list of books on Behavioral Finance or related subjects. It is not an exhaustive list, but they try to keep it reasonably current. The books are grouped as either Popular, Academic, Public Policy, Randomness, Psychology, or History as a general categorization and listed them alphabetically by author within each group. The links will take you to their respective pages on for further details, reviews, or to purchase.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Trader, Trading & Risk Psychology Linkedin Group - Most Active Discussions.

As the Trader, Trading & Risk Psychology Linked-in Group approaches its 3rd anniversary and its 5,000th member, I though it might be best to give members a chance to look over some of the major discussions still open on the group. 

The following list shows all 'open' discussions which have been followed up with 20 or more comments, ranked in terms of those that have received the most comments.  - There are many more discussions and articles within the group, however please note that these drop-off a year after that discussion topics most recent comment.

Click on any of the following discussion links to go straight to that discussion.

What is the difference between trading and gambling? 183 Comments

What is more important for success as a trader - A high level of Intellectual Intelligence, or a high level of Emotional Intelligence? 139 Comments

Inspirational trading quotes help keep you grounded and focused: Anyone got any good ones? 131 Comments

Is Technical Analysis a waste of time? 130 Comments

I submit the Trading Education Industry and even Trading Coaches need a new paradigm. 107 Comments

Question to veteran traders...65 Comments
Discussion about Technical Analysis: How or why is it of value? Why does it work? Or even does it work? - How to use it effectively? 62 Comments

Emotions.: How should traders manage the emotional side of trading? 54 Comments
Can you be taught to trade? 42 Comments
Decision Making - Why we make bad decisions. 35 comments

Poll: How useful is a deep understanding of economics when it comes to trading? If possible please elaborate on your thoughts in the comments. 83 Votes and 34 Comments

Why Profitable Stock Trading Is Easier Than You Think. 33 Comments

Trader Performance Coaching and Improvement - Excellent article. 28 Comments

What’s the most challenging aspect to trading? 27 Comments

Can we spot a good trader before they trade? 24 Comments

Can we improve our development of traders with programs specifically targeting the psychology component of a traders profile? 21 Comments

In real time trading environment, does Traders overlook 'reality' and get entangled by relaying on 'memory' and 'imagination'? How to be...20 Comments

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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Workshop and Lecture on Behaviour Finance & Courses on Trading Psychology and Behaviour.

Upcoming talks on Behavioural Finance:

- Friday 7th March 2014 at Cass Business School in London as part of the Cass Investment Conference 2014.
  • This is a workshop titled ‘‘Animal Spirits' in Financial Markets’, and looks at the ‘Emotional Factors which impact Traders and Investors Decisions. This takes place from 1:55pm through to 2:50pm.
-  Thursday 20th March 2014 at the London School of Economics as part of the Society of Technical Analysts Diploma.
  • The lecture is an introduction and overview of Behavioural Finance; It explains some of theories behind Behavioural Finance and how the emotional/unconscious factors of Human behaviour affect the, decision and actions of Traders and Investors.
  • Though this is a closed session, please note we present courses, seminars and workshops on the subjects of Trading Psychology / Behaviour and Behavioural Finance to clients (Banks, Hedge Funds, Asset Managers), and Higher Education Institutions, Societies, Groups and Conferences. 
Our main offering is our ‘PeopleAlpha Trading Psychology and Behaviour Course'. This takes place place over 2 days, the aim of the course is to help participants:

1) Understand the key components needed for success at trading and how to achieve that.
2) Be more cognisant, conscious and aware of the distorting affect and limitations of the human mind, as well as understanding the positive aspects of our mind which we can use to our benefit. 
3) Possess a greater understanding of how we make decisions under uncertainty, and how we can positively influence this.
4) Have greater awareness of the key factors common to traders and investors who achieve consistent success at trading.
5) Have a better understanding of themselves; about the way they work, their own strengths and weaknesses and the areas they need to work on to improve their performance and their self-control.
6) Be in possession of a tool-kit of ideas and practices they can use to help them transform and succeed in altering/changing their behaviours to affect improved future performance.  

If anyone is interested in knowing more about our work in this area, or staging a course, please contact me via email on